About AT Integrated

About AT Integrated

AT Integrated is a software and Web development and design company that looks forward to and cares about your success.

We specialize in e-commerce, business to business, business to consumer, back-end management solutions and Web design and development.

With over a decade of experience, AT Integrated brings a complete software engineering component to any client organization. In this way, our clients have a reliable IT department available at all times.

AT Integrated helps its clients employ the latest technology as part of their business. The company provides robust Web exposure, automates operations, and integrates systems.

AT Integrated develops and deploys complete business solutions, digital business, and management software systems, and consulting, related to automating and streamlining operations, reporting, data manipulation, and data analysis. In the software and Web applications, a strong emphasis is put on performance, usability, and interfaces, enhancing procedures and automating difficult human operations.

What Makes Us Different?

AT Integrated constantly works toward bringing success to its clients, which is the main focus of its services.

We approach each project as a technological innovation. Our work goes beyond the technical assignment and delivers a complete business solution. The professional technical execution of the software and Web development tasks are the result of a complex process of technical and business experience input.

Our team has been employed at diverse levels in the business structures in a variety of industries. We have broad experience in different areas, and we continuously increase our knowledge and expertise. We take into consideration the corporate culture of your organization, and we provide application architecture that will serve you in the long run. We look into the future and care about your success.

Where Do We Fit In?

AT Integrated operates as a flexible business structure. Our services can be employed on a per-project / task basis or on an ongoing support basis. Our team can be seen as an ongoing IT addition to your organization, as an extension to your technical or interactive team, or simply as a vendor. In any role AT Integrated cares about your business and will utilize all of its energy resources and expertise to achieve the best results.

Complex Approach

AT Integrated puts the focus on building the optimal solutions to meet clients' requirements. Along with developing custom modules and applications, AT Integrated takes into consideration the continuously developing matrix of business needs and requirements.

By implementing solutions that are scalable, and easily upgradeable, AT Integrated saves time and resources for our clients in the long run.

Our applications are a well-balanced mix of current business logic and future business strategy. Our approach is strongly driven by the client's goals.

Business Analysis

AT Integrated analyzes business processes and consults the clients about how to achieve maximum effectiveness. Our team accounts for all of the possibilities of the current solutions as well as their interaction with the variety of other business components today and in the future.

Industries of Experience

AT Integrated has completed many interesting and successful projects serving various needs and helping business processes. Our team has developed and implemented robust software solutions for the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Stock Trading and Financial Markets
  • Non-Profit
  • Arts and Exhibitions
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Marketing and Advertising

AT Integrated is constantly looking to expand its expertise in new industries and business models.

Working With Us

Working with us is straightforward and efficient. We bring broad knowledge to our clients, and we also learn a lot in the process. Our business relationships are long-lasting and constantly growing. Our company is proud of its 100% customer retention rate.

We bring the right people to the table and provide technical expertise and understanding of your business process. We find the right answers and offer advice based on experience and observation. Our technical advice is in our clients' best interest. We strongly believe that your success is our success. Clients feel that our organization is part of their team and make decisions with confidence and comfort.

Financial Objectives

AT Integrated strives for the success of its clients and works as a team with its business partners in an effort to achieve the financial objectives of each project. Price plays an important part in a business solution, and AT Integrated always delivers more value for the budget.

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