Case Studies

1. Internet Marketing Company Acquired a Product Brand and Launched the Full Line of Products in an Online Retail Store.

The Objective

An Internet marketing firm acquired a brand that included a line of products. The company saw great potential in combining their marketing expertise with a good quality product. They needed a strong retail operation online that was very flexible and could run multiple selling strategies, that was very robust and could handle a high amount of concurrent sales, had easy-to-use interfaces to help hundreds of customer service agents provide product support, and integrated well with the shipping structures.

The Solution

AT Integrated deployed the enterprise version of the Ecommerce Software Platform over a server farm. The ecommerce system was set to support over 200 front-end ecommerce websites with custom shopping carts, various combo offers, an up-sell system, strong back-end interfaces, and reporting services.

The system was able to easily handle over 600,000 visits daily. It provided robust tracking that helped the client make educated management decisions. The customer service back-end allowed over 300 customer service reps to handle customer requests easily and manage customer accounts.

The ecommerce system and its shopping cart engine integrated with multiple payment gateways. The online store interfaces were driven by the inventory on hand and enhanced the product re-order process.

All of the ecommerce features were used: free trial, combo offers at a discount price, purchases on installments, up-sell features, recurring ordering, and recurring billing options.

The ecommerce system integrated with shipping software in the warehouse and fully automated the label generating process. AT Integrated also developed an RMA system with barcode scanning interface to process returns, and along with the IVR integration, the customer service process required less resources and increased in quality.

The Result

The ecommerce solution provided a hands-off program and because of its full process integration and customization, the company was able to save operational resources while utilizing a bullet-proof system. In its first year, it averaged over $500 million in Internet sales.

2. A Fulfillment Company Takes its Operations Online in an Effort to Successfully Manage Business Growth

The Challenge 

The company manufactures and ships media products for a large number of clients nationwide. Due to rapid expansion, the company faced a serious problem collecting the ordering information, executing production orders accurately and on time, shipping products in a timely manner, keeping track of supplies and manufactured product's inventories, communicating with customers and prospects, and helping it's own customers increase their sales. All operations were done manually on paper and were extremely time-consuming.

The Solution

AT Integrated developed a feature-rich and robust online ordering system that included the following features:

The Result

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