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UX Development & UI Design Services in Maryland

UX Design

UX Design means User Experience Design. We understand that UX is a crucial factor in the customer engagement and customer satisfaction process. AT Integrated incorporates its analytical and technical expertise, prior knowledge, and experience in the process of developing outstanding user Experience Designs.
We use our home grown measuring software and split testing, along with commonly used programs such as Google Analytics, to modify, improve, and optimize the user experience and produce results.

Our process is designed to improve usability of our Web programs, increase user interaction, and, through ease of use, develop customer loyalty. Web experience and satisfaction lead to improved customer retention and increased effectiveness of advertising resources.

AT Integrated strives to improve the customer experience on the Web with our client’s and their products and services.
Our approach includes analysis of the competition, analysis of our customer's position, goals and capabilities, and understanding of the client’s products and services, structure, and delivery methods. We create strategies, plan implementations, develop stages and content, and use modern technology and its tools to deliver superb user experience.

Our process involves wire-framing and process design, development of prototypes and split testing, deployment planning, and ongoing maintenance and support.
Once implemented, our solutions are fully supported, improved, adjusted and fine-tuned where necessary. We provide flexible and scalable programs that go beyond the stagnant theories and evolve with market trends. Part of our post launch maintenance is analysis of result, measuring, comparisons and adjustments if necessary.

Unites States development is a challenging and complex multi-functional task.  The process involves iterations of the solution with refinements and ongoing analysis and testing. The whole process is designed to reach our clients goals through satisfying the customers’ needs. In this process, we use our accumulated knowledge, ongoing research and analysis, empirical data, and digital tools.

UI Design

UI Design means User Interface Design. User Interface Design is the look and feel of a process or product on the web that also includes the interaction with the customer. It is the actual digital tools that are presented to the user to connect with the product and the company.

Web design UIs that incorporate all of the product’s marketing strategy components starting with its development, research, content and visual layout. Our products deliver a satisfying, interactive, and responsive experience for the customers.

The visual and interactive aspect of the UI is very important to the user experience and brand establishment. AT Integrated understands this very well, and our user interfaces are designed to improve these experiences.  

By understanding the complexity and dynamics of the current market conditions, the user expectations, and Web habits, our teams focus on UI designs that are modern, effective, and visually appealing to the target audience.

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