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"Over the past five years, we have selected AT Integrated for a number of projects, and have always been pleased with that choice. The communications with the owner were always reliable and straight-forward. We currently use them for hosting and managing CC processing for sites that are generating over a million hits a month. Our clients trust us with their personal information, and we needed to make sure we selected a company that we could trust to manage that information. AT Integrated has always exceeded our expectations.
The interfaces and back-end management developed by AT Integrated have been very intuitive and easy for new employees to get a firm grasp of in a short amount of time.
If you wish to contact me directly please ask the owner of AT Integrated for my contact information."

David P. - General Partner

"I also enjoyed working with you. I thank you very much for all the patience and effort that went into the 6six months we spent on the  project. I'm very pleased with the final product. What started in my mind as a patchwork to an obsolete product, with your software architectural insights turned into a  completely re-engineered, sophisticated application offering a robust solution to my clientele. I think we put together an excellent quality product.

Thank you again. You get my highest recommendations."

Alex G. - Business Owner

"I was pleasantly surprised by the level of expertise and the quality of work you performed. In all honesty, I almost discarded the initial proposal due to the low pricing that was quoted. I was very suspicious of what I was going to get, but I took a chance because the team had  very good accounting knowledge, which was required for the project. What I received was very high technical knowledge and skills, complete understanding of our accounting practices and a perfect product. The system was implemented in the beginning of 2001, and has performed flawlessly since then. "

March, 2006
Scott P. - CFO

"What can I say...? My sales are up 60% compared to last year's... . Thank you for the excellent job!"

Trevor H. - Retail Business Owner

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