Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very effective way to build a loyal customer base, keep in touch with existing customers, introduce new products and services to your customers and simply increase sales. Email marketing is often misunderstood because of the large amounts of spam mail that circulate on the Internet, but if done right email marketing can be a platform that makes a business succeed.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending a well-structured individual or a series of emails to a list of customers or prospects with the purpose of advertising, marketing, or requesting engagement in an activity. Email marketing is used to build customer base, enforce brand, raise awareness, increase sales, and increase visibility.

AT Integrated builds successful email marketing strategies and campaigns that help increase sales. Email marketing is probably the cheapest way to reach customers, and one of the most effective ones. The reason is that the email messages contain visual and textual information and are sent to customers that have already shown interest in your business.

Building the mailing list is the first step in running a successful email marketing campaign. It is part of the reason that this method is so efficient. Our team creates various tools to build mailing lists. They include call to action elements, signup forms, offering items of value to the customer, participating in surveys and questionnaires, utilizing existing customer data, pre-sale forms, and similar.

Building the mailing list is essential to the success of the marketing initiative because:

  1. It includes people interested in your business.
  2. It includes people who agreed to receive email from you.

This is a great way to reach a target audience.

Once the email list is built, we determine what the best strategy to market to the customers is. This includes the type of email that will be sent, their timing and frequency.

We design great email templates that are attractive and enticing. A well-designed email is essential to capturing the customer attention and engaging the audience. Our design team has the knowledge and experience to accomplish this task.

An important step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is the proper building of the email content. This includes the copy of the email as well as the HTML encoding. AT Integrated has developed a guideline, that will increase the delivery rate of the emails to avoid the emails going to the recipient's folder.

Our team of marketing specialists will design the proper strategy for your email marketing campaign. Strategizing involves making decision on what type of emails to send, how frequently, and what content to include in each email. We design emails that meet expectations, do not spam and always offer the customer something of value. Our methodology also includes the format and the type of transactional emails, such as email receipts, shipping confirmations, and follow-up emails.

How to Deliver Email Marketing Content to Dynamic Customers List.

AT Integrated integrates with most leading direct mail providers. Our modules maintain mailing lists and initiate email blasts. Our salesXpand ecommerce marketing platform and siteXpand content management system integrate seamlessly with third-party mailing list management and marketing software providers as well as with content delivery systems.

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