Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you develop Web applications other than what is advertised on the website?
 A. Yes, we develop various Web applications not limited to the advertised solutions. We facilitate processes of any business aspect into programs to enhance our client's businesses and help them save money.


Q. How do you achieve cost effectiveness?
 A. We do not maintain unnecessary overhead. Our process is streamlined and efficient. We put the emphasis on resolving the problems simply and effectively, and do not get carried away with complex, unnecessary software solutions when they are not needed. This makes the ongoing maintenance of our products easy and inexpensive. We look from the point of view of our clients, and this helps us fit within the budgets.


Q. What size of clients do you prefer to work with?
 A. We work with any size client organizations. We do not treat smaller projects as less important.


Q. Why do you give lifetime warranty of your products?
 A. We are confident in our work, and we utilize the latest technology considering the hardware capabilities.


Q. Do you provide consulting related to the networking infrastructure of your clients?
 A. We provide network consulting related to the project.


Q. Do you have any development platform preference?
 A. Yes, we mainly develop programs that run on a .Net framework and use MS SQL Server if database services are needed.


Q. Do you also provide website design?
 A. Yes, we provide website design that is suitable and affordable for our clients.


Q. You advertise cost effectiveness of your products. Does this affect the quality of your products?
 A. No, not at all. We put high quality before all. Our pricing is competitive because we have mastered our approach and methodology to a very high level. We don't outsource work to foreign countries, and still compete very well in terms of pricing.

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