Search Engine Optimization & Pay-Per-Click Management 

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of creating and modifying the content of your website in a way that will result in your website being ranked by the search engines, when online visitors search for a particular term. This is the non-paid search that the search engines provide for any Web visitor, and is referred to as “organic search”. Getting ranked higher and coming up on the top of the list of the search results increases the website's visibility and brings more Web traffic to the site. Good SEO, in most cases, can increase sales, leads generation, and site popularity. Of course being ranked higher on the search engines does not guarantee sales. SEO can increase sales and leads when done properly. The strategy behind it needs to be well thought out, planned, and executed.

Why Should You Use Our SEO Services?

AT Integrated uses knowledge, experience, and data analysis to structure a great SEO plan for your website. Understanding your business, the technological possibilities and your target audience are essential to building a great Web marketing campaign. SEO alone may not be sufficient to achieve certain sales or marketing goals. It is frequently part of a broader digital marketing program.  

AT Integrated uses several well outlined procedures when optimizing website content for search engine purposes. Our team always looks at website content as a message to the Web visitors first. Our SEO effort keeps the content informative and useful to the Web users, and suitable for search engine ranking at the same time. Improving the content with the sole purpose of getting ranked higher may increase traffic initially, but not engage users and convert visits to leads and clicks to sales. The SEO team at AT Integrated ensures that the website content is relevant, useful, interesting, and optimized.

Our Website SEO Process

Our process begins with research and discovery. It involves obtaining information of the current website positioning, Web traffic, and performance, as well as research of the specific market and its trends, and the competition. An essential part of our research is the understanding of the business of the customer and discovering opportunities in the Web search arena.

We audit your website to determine what parts need to be improved, added to or removed, what structural changes it needs, and leverage the elements that are performing well.

Building a strategy is creating a roadmap of the Web marketing effort. The strategy identifies areas of improvement and how the site optimization for search engines is connected to the desired results. The strategy includes guidelines for immediate and future result. The SEO strategy is also viewed as part of the big picture and global objective of the marketing initiative. It is not a disconnected effort, but a part of the whole system of tools and methods designed to reach a specific measurable business objective.

Executing an SEO plan is done by our marketing specialists, who have all of the technical tools and expertize of AT Integrated at their disposal. Bringing technical knowledge and using the latest software tools such as siteXpand CMS helps our marketing team become more efficient.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Pay-per-click is buying ad space and placing an ad on the search engines and social networks. PPC has several aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The most important part is the effectiveness of the PPC campaign. The marketing specialist at AT Integrated will analyze the marketing opportunities and propose a plan that fits your budget. We build PPC campaigns that are oriented towards highest return on investment (ROI). We work toward converting your marketing dollars into sales. Our goal and effort is threefold:

  1. Make sure that you get the best ROI – return on your marketing funds.
  2. Make sure the PPC campaign converts into the desired sales volumes.
  3. Work toward decreasing your acquisition cost and stay on budget.

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