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We encourage the exchange of useful information from newcomers and experts alike.

The discussion forum is a place to communicate and share information related to web and software. Feel free to post any information deemed relevant. We will not censor the author's opinions or content, even if we strongly disagree or know the advice to be incorrect.  

The Following Are Expressly Prohibited:

  • Advertisements and/or Business Solicitations
  • Obscenities
  • Untrue Defamatory Statements
  • Name Calling and Personal Attacks
  • Posts Not Remotely Related to Web and Software Development and Project Management.

We also reserve the right to delete anonymous posts without a valid e-mail address. Accordingly, please note your IP address is saved in our log files every time you post a message. We will not hesitate to pursue legal action against anyone who posts slander, graffiti, or any other remark that attempts to trash the continuity and purpose of our Discussion Forum.

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